Community Sports Leadership (CSLA) L2

Course Name Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA) Level 2  
Duration 35 contact hours excluding 10 hours voluntary experience
No. of Candidates Up to 12 candidates
Aims and Objectives The award gives people aged 16 and over the skills needed to lead groups in safe sporting and recreational activity. It encourages participants to take responsibility for others, develops organisational and communication skills and instils confidence in people for whom leading groups in sporting activities is a new experience. The majority of the course is practical in nature with an emphasis on learning through doing, rather than through written work.
Course Content The Community Sports Leader Award syllabus is divided into eight units which are as follows:

1 Organising and delivering a sports activity session

2 Establishing and maintaining a safe sporting activity

3 Sports and recreation in the UK

4 Fitness sessions

5 Running sporting events/competitions

6 Adapting sports activities

7 Select, plan and lead on an sporting activity

8 Demonstration of leadership skills in the community

To qualify as a Community Sports Leader, all units must be satisfactorily completed.
Further Information The skills you will learn are:

Communication, Teamwork, How to motivate other people. The ability to organise and plan activities, improvising and adapting in sports and officiating.

All these skills are useful in life and in the workplace as well as in sport.

Level 2 Certificate in Community Sports Leadership is endorsed and approved by national bodies.

Each candidate will receive course pack as well as;

- A Sports Leader Award log book.
- One year's third party and personal accident insurance.
- An A4 certificate and badge on successful completion of the course.

Cost For the best possible price, please email as us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on: 0208 1234 838.


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